ayurvedic weight gainer for men and women !

Get that attractive body, you always wished for. Gain weight naturally.

improved body appearance

Naturagain weight gainer increases overall body mass naturally and gives you an improved body appearance.

stronger immune system

It make the body immune system stronger that helps in keeping you healthy and free from diseases.

increase appetite

It helps in increasing appetite, resulting more eating and more calories for natural weight gain.

essential vitamins and minerals

It provides essential vitamins and minerals to give you glowing skin and higher energy levels.

why should you use naturagain weight gain capsules?

Naturagain, weight gain capsule is an amazing and safe product to get an attractive persona. It increases your body mass naturally and also makes your immune system strong.

Thin People (men or women) who are looking for some natural weight gainer, can use it. These capsules help in gaining body weight effectively and safely. They have all natural ingredients like Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) , Yastimadhu, Kaunch Beej (Mucuna Pruriens), Gokshuru (Tribulus Terrestris), etc which help in gaining body weight and give a fuller and healthy physique. This capsule improves the process of body protein synthesis. It is based on ayurveda and is hundred percent natural, completely safe and has no side effects.

Naturagain capsules user testimonials


“The best part of this weight gainer is that, weight does not loose after stop taking these. I got about 6 kgs weight in two months time and have stopped using since last month. My increased weight did not loose until now.”


lavanya kumar

“I used other weight gain capsule before but that gave me pimples and swelling on face and legs. I stopped taking that. Now I am using Naturagain capsules and there is no side effect like the previous one. I found it Safe.”

lavanya kumar

sumeet arora

“Effective and safest to use. 100% satisfied with the results.”

Sumit Arora

atul malu

“It really works and has no side effects. Have gain 4 kgs weight in just 28 days. Still continuing…”


parthipa thapa

“I highly recommend Naturagain for effective and overall gain of body weight.”


sara kaur

“I am 26 years old and because of my thin and weak physique, I always was a fun object between my friends. I am taking these capsules for last two months and my body weight has been increased by 7 kg. Now my friends admire my looks. Completely satisfied.”


How does it work?

weight gain capsules

Naturagain capsules are innovative Ayurvedic solution for natural and healthy weight gain, Naturagain is completely natural and ayurvedic. It contains specific and balanced quantities of different herbs, which are helpful in rectifying all body doshas, resulting, get rid of body weakness and providing healthy gain of body weight. These capsules stabilize the hyperactivity of body metabolism and provide essential micro-nutrients that helps in improving overall muscles and body mass and body weight increases.

Naturagain weight gainer capsule is the best supplement that provides adequate quantity of protein, carbohydrate and fats to the body. By the power of natural herbs, it fulfill the daily demand of nutrients of the body, which ultimately helps in gaining weight naturally. It also improves stamina, power and make the immune system stronger.

Frequently asked questions (f.a.q)

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There is no specific count. Results vary from person to person. In general, it is seen that 3 to 5 kg. of weight increase in about a month. As much of weight, you want to gain you can use it accordingly. No harm in long term usage.

A. It is good that you are free from any kind of diseases, but underweight. Definitely, you can use our ayurvedic weight gainer capsules to gain weight. The extra calories, nutrients and vitamins in this, will help you to increase your body weight.

A. No. Not at all. Being an ayurvedic product all of its ingredients are completely natural and there are no steroids or any chemical substances in it. It is 100% natural and completely safe.

A. Being a natural product it has no side effects, unless one has some specific problem with any specific ingredient like sugar or protein.

A. We recommend to consult your doctor or dietician before use, if you are a diabetic patient. We have examples that diabetic patients have enjoyed some good results when they used it in supervision of their doctor or dietician.

A. No. Being a product specially made for adults, it is not recommended for children. Above 18 years, anyone can use these weight gain capsules.

A. Yes. Results will be permanent, provided you take care of your diet intake. A diet full with vitamins, nutrients, proteins and carbohydrates is recommended to maintain your weight.

naturagain weight gain capsules Pricing

one month trial pack

PRICE Rs. 2100/=


You save Rs. 200

Three months
best value pack


PRICE Rs. 6300/=

OFFER PRICE Rs. 4200/=

You save Rs. 2100/=

two months economy pack


PRICE Rs. 4200/=


You save Rs. 800/=

Get naturagain now!

Ladies and Gentlemen, That is how you will turn your personality attractive and healthy. We assure the effective and best results. We strongly believe that Naturagain weight gain capsules don’t let us down, your body weight will be increased up 5 kg./month. Instead of trying chemically made weight gainer supplements, which mostly have side effects, why do not you try something reasonable, easy, natural and safe. Naturagain will always do the magic. If you are not aware of it, it’s time you should try it now. Naturagain is a perfect mix of some very effective herbs that are useful in making immune system strong and increasing body mass. Herbs like Shatawari, Ashwagandha, Draksha, Khajur and many more are very effective in gaining body weight and making the immune system strong naturally. It helps in complete absorption of nutrients from food and increase the lean mass of body. This natural weight gainer is free from any kind of chemicals and steroids. It is completely vegetarian. Naturagain is good for men and women equally. So why wait....Order now !!!! and turn yourself in to an attractive & charming avatar !!!!

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